Animal Husbandry


Objectives to achieve the Goal

  1. To make Animal Resources Development an engine of growth of the rural economy of Odisha, providing income and  sustainable livelihood opportunities to the people.
  2. To provide efficient veterinary services at the door step of the farmers.
  3. To make backyard poultry a popular and viable subsidiary farming activity in rural area
  4. To enhance availability of feed and fodder for economic dairy farming
  5. To achieve self sufficiency/ surplus in milk, meat and egg production
  6. To enhance per capita availability of milk, eggs, and meat including poultry meat
  7. To make dairying a viable livelihood option for small, marginal farmers and landless persons by strengthening all forward and backward linkages
  8.  To enable the farmers to improve the productivity of animals like sheep, goat , pig and poultry


  1. Mobile Veterinary unit: Mobile Veterinary Unit was launched by Sj. Naveen Patnaik, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Odisha at Jeypore on 10th July,2011. In each block the Mobile Veterinary Unit    moves to in accessible  pockets 20 days in a month.
  2. Promotion of dairy entrepreneurship (PDE/DEDS) : In this scheme the beneficiary can get 2 to 10 hybrid cows/ Buffalo with subsidies ( 25-33 %) loan sanctioned   from banks .
  3.  Calf Rearing Programme (CRP) :Supply  foods for  Hybrid female calf ( 4 to 24 month) in subsidies amount rate.
  4.  Livestock Insurance under risk management of Naional Livestock mission : This is a animal insurance progamme in subsidies rate.
  5.   NMPS  :  in this scheme to provide  shelter for improved verity Goat and some food supplementary etc. Besides this goat cluster and goat scout are included.
  6. Commercial Agri Enterprise : In this scheme facilitated to layer hen forms and goat farms , seep farms etc.  with a maximum amount Rs. 50 00 000 subsidy.
  7. Backyard Poultry : Subsidies rate 28 days old 45 numbers of Banajat chick are provided to poor below poverty  line farmers.
CDVO Organizatial Structur

CDVO Organizatial Structur

Various Units in District
Name Value
Veterinary Dispensary  18
Veterinary Hospital 3
Livestock Aid Centre 139
Artificial Insemination facilities 121
Mobile Vety. Unit 13
Goat Breeding Farm 01
Clinical Investigation Laboratory 01
Gomitra Centre 30
BAIF Centre 10
J K Trust Centre 01
List of diseases that are preventable by vaccination
 Bacterial Viral
Goat pox


Animal health camps

Preventive vaccination

Preventive vaccination

  1. Preventive vaccination against contagious diseases are generally carried out after routine deworming.
  2. The camp has helped in significant growth of body weight thereby benefitted numbers of poor farmers





Awareness camps


MVU camp

  1. Information about common diseases affecting livestock, their prevention and control
  2. Precautionary/preparatory measures during natural calamities viz: heat wave, flood etc.
  3. Feeding balanced feed & fodder (semi-intensive method) .
  4. Protect their feed & fodder much ahead of onset of monsoon.