Particulars of Organization, Functions & Duties

The aims and objectives of the organization are to assist the District Collector in District Administration. It works as the bridge between the people and administration and thereby popularizing and proliferating the various Government schemes and programmes. Accordingly, there are different sections functioning within this organization for decentralization and successful implementation of multifaceted activities.


The branch has been entrusted with the work of correspondence relating to the Census including Agriculture and Cattle census , District and State Gazetteers, Freedom Fighters Pension, Grievance petitions, Allotment of Revenue and Government Quarters, Holidays and celebrations regarding, Inspection notes on Collectorate and section of Collectorate , Office procedure, Political Matters, Central Receipt and Dispatch, Urban Local Bodies etc. Duties are performed by the dedicated team of Officer and employees starting from an Assistant Collector designated as the Officer in Charge for the section and assisted by One Head Clerk, One Senior Clerk, Four Junior Clerks and One Peon.


This Section deals with all the correspondence regarding legal matters including administration of Civil Justice including Notice U/S 80 CPC and Civil Suits, administration of Criminal Justice including Atrocities on woman & weaker section of societies , administration of Cinematograph Act, administration of Arms Act, Law and Orders, Labour and Workmen’s Compensation Act. , administration of Money Lander Act, Wild Life Protection Act, Explosive Act., Stamp Act , Prosecution Report under Arms Act & Rule, Legal Aid, Atrocities on SC/ST etc. The Judicial Section, Collectorate, Kalahandi is functioning with one Assistant Collector , One Senior Clerk, Two Junior Clerks and One Peon.


Land being the most valuable asset for the people as well as for the government in the present time needs to be monitored carefully and also to be acquired for developmental purpose following due procedure. Land acquisition section of the Collectorate is dedicated to serve the above purpose. This Section is guided by the Act and Rules made by the Govt. from time to time. The following Rules, Regulation, Instructions Manual and Records are used in this Section: 01- Land Acquisition Manual ,02- Land Acquisition Act, 1894 , 03- Right to Fair Compensation Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation & Resettlement Act, 2013. There is one Land Acquisition Officer, one Senior Clerk, Two Revenue Inspectors and one Amin working in this section for smooth disposal and carry forward of actions related to land acquisition.


Dist. Emergency Section under Collectorate, Kalahandi is one of the sections of the Collectorate having prima facie importance. The functionaries and duties of this section include, collection of Daily situation report on Rainfall in the district from each Block, providing financial assistance to the poor people out of Red Cross fund and CMRF, processing for sanction of ex-gratia to beneficiaries of Drowning, Snakebite, Lightening, Fire accident, Sun stroke, Flood, Cyclone, Drought, Earth quake, Tsunami, hailstorm, Landslide, Cloud burst, Epidemic, Tornado, Boat capsize and other natural calamities, Collection of Red Cross fund from different sources, Management of OSDMA activities etc. The section is functioning with the help of one Assistant Collector, one Head Clerk, one Senior Clerk, Two Junior Clerks, one Data Entry Operator and one Peon.


This section is like the flesh and bone of the entire organization. It looks after the entire human resource management in the administrative set up. It deals with recruitment, Transfer & Posting of Class-III Employees, Appointment / Recruitment, DPC / RACP Of Class-III & Class-IV Employees, Class-IV Establishment, Recruitment & Examinations, Gazetted Establishment, Departmental Proceeding, Vigilance Cases & Appeal, Oat Matters, Bill & Budget, RA Scheme, Class-III Establishment, Pension, CCRs, Gradation, Miscellaneous, Issue & Receipt, Inspection, Transmission Of Mails & Computerization Of Official Letters etc. One Assistant Collector is officer in charge of the section and is assisted by one Head Clerk, Four Senior Clerks, One Junior Clerk, One Data Entry Operator and one Peon.


This section is dealing the monitoring work of different Schemes executed by different line departments of Kalahandi District. It looks after the execution of work by line department, Construction of Read & Building, Agriculture / Co-operative society / Soil Conservation / Horticulture / Fisheries / Watershed Industry, Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, Health, Education, Forest, Railway, Watershed, Lift Irrigation, Pani Panchayat, etc. One Assistant Collector is in charge of the section and to assist him/her one Head Clerk and one Peon is there.


This section is dedicated to keep track of the Revenue Collections collected by all 13 Tahasils of the District through all the 80 Revenue Inspectors. It deals with; Implementation of Manual of Tahasil Accounts (MTA), Implementation of OMMC Rules, Implementation of MIGH / LIGH Loans to the middle income groups, Implementation of Odisha Irrigation Act and Rules etc. One Assistant Collector is Officer in Charge of this section, besides there is One Head Clerk, one Junior Clerk and one Peon working here.


The soul duty and function of the District Record Room is to keep track of the Records & Files of all 13 Tahasils, 13 Blocks and 13 ICDS Offices of Kalahandi District and also of different offices of the Collectorate, Kalahandi as per Odisha Record Manuals-1964. One dedicated Record Keeper is there to serve the purpose. One Assistant Collector is in charge of this section who is assisted by one Head Clerk, one Junior Clerk and one Peon.


Revenue Section is one of the key sections of office of the Collector and District Magistrate, Kalahandi that deals with all Revenue Matters. There is one officer, one Head Clerk, Two Senior Clerks, one Junior Clerk and one Data Entry Operator working in this Section. All correspondence regarding revenue case and records are managed in this section. This section vividly deals with various Revenue Laws, Rules and Guidelines. Monthly Review Meeting on revenue matters is arranged by this section. One Assistant Collector is dedicated towards the function of this section, who is assisted by One Head Clerk, Two Senior Clerks, One Junior Clerk, one Data Entry Operator and one Peon.


The main work of Nizarat section is to keep in track of the all financial details, accounts, funds and expenditures of the Collector and his office. Further this section is assigned with the task of looking after the functioning and maintenance of the Circuit House, Revenue Rest House and Bungalows etc. This section is managed by one Assistant Collector, one Head Clerk, one Junior Clerk and one Peon.


District Election Section deals all the works that related to Election, the rules & regulations implemented time to time and information and orders provided by State Election commission as well as Election Commission India. One Assistant Collector, One head Clerk, One Senior Clerk, One Junior Clerk and one peon are attached to this section. This section is dedicated in assisting the District Election Officer, i.e. the Collector for smooth conduct of election in the district.