District Headquarters Hospital

Contact Numbers Designation Phone No.
1 CDMO 9439980000
2 ADMO (Med) 9439980001
3 ADMO (FW) 9439980002
4 ADMO (PH) 9439980007
5 SDMO 9439980396
6 DM-RCH 9439980009
7 Epidemiologist-IDSP 9439994512
8 DTO 9439980242
9 Hospital Manager 9439980004
10 DPM 9439980008
11 DAM 9439980006
12 DDM 9439980003
13 DAC 9439998313
14 DVLM 9439994511
15 VBD Consultant 9439989944
16 DEO-IDSP 9439980348
17 AM-GKS 9439980333
18 DEO-DDM Support 9439980368
19 Programme Associate-District 9439980422
20 SI 9439998311
21 Data Manager-IDSP 9439980345
22 DPMU Accountant 9439994510
23 Office Assistant 9439980023
24 Cold Chain Technician 9439980011
25 Junior Engineer 9439990166
26 Pharmacist-Central Store 9439994978
27 DPHCO 9439980010
28 Office Assistant 9439980156
LHVs Contact Numbers
1 BN PUR 8895088895
2 BORDA 9439980209
3 CHAPURIA 9439980397
4 JAIPATNA 9439980140
5 JUNAGARH 9439980277
6 KALAMPUR 9439980243
7 KARLAMUNDA 9439980488
8 KOKSARA 9439998277
9 M.RAMPUR 9439980075
10 NARLA 9439980102
11 PARLA 9439980436
12 PASTIKUDI 9439980032
13 TH.RAMPUR 8658175998
14 PPC BH PATNA 8763637312
15 PPC DH GARH 8457886229
16 PPC JUNAGARH 9439980293
Other Heath Centers
Sl No. Name of Hospital Mob No. Designation
1 District Headqater Hospital Bhabanipatna 9439980001 ADMO(MED.)
2 Sub-Division Hospital Dharamgarh 9439980396 SDMO
3 Udit Narayan Pur T.B Hosp. 9437340653 Super-in-tendent
4 Community Health Centre Borda 9439980175 Medical Officer in-Charge
5 Community Health Centre Parla 9439980413 Medical Officer in-Charge
6 Community Health Centre Jaipatna 9439980134 Medical Officer in-Charge
7 Community Health Centre Chapuria 9439918548 Medical Officer in-Charge
8 Community Health Centre Junagarh 9439980260 Medical Officer in-Charge
9 Community Health Centre Chiliguda 7008037985 Medical Officer in-Charge
9 Community Health Centre Kalampur 9439980235 Medical Officer in-Charge
10 Community Health Centre Karlamunda 9439980458 Medical Officer in-Charge
11 Community Health Centre Pastigudi 9439980012 Medical Officer in-Charge
12 Community Health Centre Kesinga 9439980026 Medical Officer in-Charge
13 Community Health Centre Koksara 9439998268 Medical Officer in-Charge
14 Community Health Centre Biswanathpur 9439980321 Medical Officer in-Charge
Community Health Centre Lanjigarh 8984698472 Medical Officer in-Charge
15 Community Health Centre M. Rampur 9439980056 Medical Officer in-Charge
16 Community Health Centre Narla 9439980087 Medical Officer in-Charge
17 Community Health Centre Th. Rampur 9439980490 Medical Officer in-Charge

Aim and Objective

The aim and objectives is the quality management of school education system of the circle i.e.Kalahandi District. The office of the District Education Officer is also controlling the establishment of secondary schools and to promote community participation for better human resource development.

Mission/ Vision

  • To achieve the target of universalisation of education.
  • To reduce the dropouts and stagnation.
  • To develop the infrastructure facilities of the school.
  • To build the capacity of the teachers through in-service training.
  • To provide quality education of the children within the age group of 6-14.

Brief History and Background for its Establishment

The Kalahandi circle came to existence since 14.8.1975 with area of operation within the geographical territory of undivided Kalahandi district. Now it covers 2 revenue districts those are Kalahandi & Nuapada. Total no. of Schools is 433.

Citizens Interaction:

P.T.A., M.C., School Committee have formed as per rules for participatory management of quality education.

Postal Address of the Main Office attached/ Subordinate Office/ Field units etc.:

District Education Officel, Bhawanipatna Circle,
At/Po: Bhawanipatna,
Dist.- Kalahandi

Working hours both for office and public:

10 AM to 5 PM with half an hour lunch break on every working day except morning office during summer which is 7 AM to 1 PM without lunch break.


Present Administrative Setup:

  • No. of blocks under sub-plan area: ( Lanjigarh & Th. Rampur)
  • No. of BEO office: 13
  • No. of B.R.C.s: 13
  • No. C.R.C.s: 205
  • Population Density: 169
  • Sex Ratio: 1000
  • Percentage of Urban Population: 6.91 ,No. of Wards in ULBs: 39

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Objectives to achieve the Goal

  1. To make Animal Resources Development an engine of growth of the rural economy of Odisha, providing income and sustainable livelihood opportunities to the people.
  2. To provide efficient veterinary services at the door step of the farmers.
  3. To make backyard poultry a popular and viable subsidiary farming activity in rural area
  4. To enhance availability of feed and fodder for economic dairy farming
  5. To achieve self sufficiency/ surplus in milk, meat and egg production
  6. To enhance per capita availability of milk, eggs, and meat including poultry meat
  7. To make dairying a viable livelihood option for small, marginal farmers and landless persons by strengthening all forward and backward linkages
  8. To enable the farmers to improve the productivity of animals like sheep, goat , pig and poultry


  1. Mobile Veterinary unit: Mobile Veterinary Unit was launched by Sj. Naveen Patnaik, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Odisha at Jeypore on 10th July,2011. In each block the Mobile Veterinary Unit moves to in accessible pockets 20 days in a month.
  2. Promotion of dairy entrepreneurship (PDE/DEDS) : In this scheme the beneficiary can get 2 to 10 hybrid cows/ Buffalo with subsidies ( 25-33 %) loan sanctioned from banks .
  3. Calf Rearing Programme (CRP) :Supply foods for Hybrid female calf ( 4 to 24 month) in subsidies amount rate.
  4. Livestock Insurance under risk management of Naional Livestock mission : This is a animal insurance progamme in subsidies rate.
  5. NMPS : in this scheme to provide shelter for improved verity Goat and some food supplementary etc. Besides this goat cluster and goat scout are included.
  6. Commercial Agri Enterprise : In this scheme facilitated to layer hen forms and goat farms , seep farms etc. with a maximum amount Rs. 50 00 000 subsidy.
  7. Backyard Poultry : Subsidies rate 28 days old 45 numbers of Banajat chick are provided to poor below poverty line farmers.
CDVO Organizatial Structur

CDVO Organizatial Structur

Various Units in District
Name Value
Veterinary Dispensary 18
Veterinary Hospital 3
Livestock Aid Centre 139
Artificial Insemination facilities 121
Mobile Vety. Unit 13
Goat Breeding Farm 01
Clinical Investigation Laboratory 01
Gomitra Centre 30
BAIF Centre 10
J K Trust Centre 01
List of diseases that are preventable by vaccination
Bacterial Viral
Goat pox


Animal health camps

Preventive vaccination

Preventive vaccination

  1. Preventive vaccination against contagious diseases are generally carried out after routine deworming.
  2. The camp has helped in significant growth of body weight thereby benefitted numbers of poor farmers





Awareness camps


MVU camp

  1. Information about common diseases affecting livestock, their prevention and control
  2. Precautionary/preparatory measures during natural calamities viz: heat wave, flood etc.
  3. Feeding balanced feed & fodder (semi-intensive method) .
  4. Protect their feed & fodder much ahead of onset of monsoon.

District Planning and Monitoring Unit (D P M U)


Government of Odisha has taken manifold strategies and steps to strengthen Decentralized Planning in the state. With this aim District planning & Monitoring Unit, (DPMUs) have been stabilised in all the thirty districts of the State. District Planning & Monitoring Unit (DPMU) Kalahandi was established in the year 2010 .DPMU is under the administrative control of the Planning & Convergence Department. The main function of this office is to prepare the Comprehensive District Plan (CDP).


  • Collecting, analysing, updating and maintaining desired district and sub-district level databases, and generating useful knowledge for local level planning.
  • Providing secretarial and technical support to DPC, Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI) and Urban Local Bodies (ULB) for preparing and consolidating local level plans.
  • Assisting DPC in monitoring and evaluating the implementation of developmental programmes, and
  • Preparing shelf of projects and DPRs for development programmes.


There are three wings functioning in the DPMU.

  1. Planning Wing: The Planning Wing is responsible for preparing district development profiles and district atlas at different periods and making inventories of resources available in the different development sectors including land, water, minerals, forests, skilled and unskilled manpower and other resources.
  2. Statistical Wing: The Statistical Wing is responsible for collection and analysis of district and sub-district level data as may be considered desirable for preparation of district and sub-district plans and for other purposes.
  3. Analytical Wing: The Analytical Support Cell is responsible for providing high-end analytical and conceptual support to the DPC and other two Cells of the DPMU.


DPMU has been preparing the Comprehensive District Plans (CDP), scheme wise, in respect of the district sector schemes. To make district plans more effective, relevant information on the district wise outlays / allocations for various schemes under “District sector” are communicated to the concerned District Level Officers/other functionaries well in advance.

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