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“Every life is precious…” has always been the guiding principle of Hon’ble Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. The vision of Hon’ble Chief Minister has been to provide assurance of quality health care to all the citizens of the State, especially the vulnerable sections. With this objective, Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana has been launched is as a pathbreaking program to provide universal health coverage, with special emphasis on the health protection of economically vulnerable families. To achieve its objectives, the BSKY has two components:

  1. State Government will bear full cost of all health services delivered to all patients (irrespective of income, status or residence) in all State Government health care facilities starting from Sub centre level to District Head Quarter and Government Medical College Hospital and Blood Bank level.
  2. State Government will bear the cost of healthcare provided in empanelled private hospitals for over 92.5 lakh economically vulnerable families in the State, amounting to Annual Health coverage of Rs. 5 lakh per family and additional Rs. 5lakh for the women members of the family after exhausting of initial limit.

At State Government health care facilities all health services charges are borne by the State Government, including those for drugs, diagnostics, dialysis, Cancer chemotherapy, OT, I.C.U, in-patient admission blood bank services, etc., in all government health institutions up to Government Medical College Hospital level, for all persons.

At all empanelled private hospitals families having BSKY Smart Health Card can avail cashless treatment at any empanelled private hospital under BSKY within or outside the State. Cardholder families can avail facilities such as registration, consultation, medical tests, pathologies, treatment, IPD and follow-up consultation under BSKY at any empanelled private hospitals, for which State Government will bear the cost up to the annual coverage amount.

Contact District Coordinator(SHAS)
Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana
Mr. Bibhu Charan Naik

District Head Quarters Hospital Designation Phone No.
1 CDMO 9439980000
2 ADMO (Med) 9439980001
3 ADMO (FW) 9439980002
4 ADMO (PH) 9439980007
5 SDMO 9439980396
6 DM-RCH 9439980009
7 Epidemiologist-IDSP 9439994512
8 DTO 9439980242
9 Hospital Manager 9439980004
10 DPM 9439980008
11 DAM 9439980006
12 DDM 9439980003
13 DAC 9439998313
14 DVLM 9439994511
15 VBD Consultant 9439989944
16 DEO-IDSP 9439980348
17 AM-GKS 9439980333
18 DEO-DDM Support 9439980368
19 Programme Associate-District 9439980422
20 SI 9439998311
21 Data Manager-IDSP 9439980345
22 DPMU Accountant 9439994510
23 Office Assistant 9439980023
24 Cold Chain Technician 9439980011
25 Junior Engineer 9439990166
26 Pharmacist-Central Store 9439994978
27 DPHCO 9439980010
28 Office Assistant 9439980156


Email id:-anmkalahandi[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone no:-06670230051

Counseling ANM(2 yrs) Independence day Near CDMO Office
Admission Clinical Practical Republic day
Eligibility Community Practical

About us

  • Health & Family Welfare Department Director of Nursing, Govt. of India.
  • Bhawanipatna Branch-Near CDMO office Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi.
  • Aim to provide medical service under rural & urban areas under Govt.
  • Experience i.e. clinical site & community site.
  • In addition to a classroom course and practical experience i.e. clinical site and
    A community site with a stipend provided by Govt. during the course.
  • Also celebrated national holiday & Govt. holiday in addition to festival, function & nurses week.

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Celebrate Independence Day and Republic Day

Celebrate Independence Day and Republic Day


At Library

Computer practical

Computer Practical Class


Demonstration Practical


Exam time

LHVs Contact Numbers
1 BN PUR 8895088895
2 BORDA 9439980209
3 CHAPURIA 9439980397
4 JAIPATNA 9439980140
5 JUNAGARH 9439980277
6 KALAMPUR 9439980243
7 KARLAMUNDA 9439980488
8 KOKSARA 9439998277
9 M.RAMPUR 9439980075
10 NARLA 9439980102
11 PARLA 9439980436
12 PASTIKUDI 9439980032
13 TH.RAMPUR 8658175998
14 PPC BH PATNA 8763637312
15 PPC DH GARH 8457886229
16 PPC JUNAGARH 9439980293
Other Heath Centers
Sl No. Name of Hospital Mob No. Designation
1 District Headqater Hospital Bhabanipatna 9439980001 ADMO(MED.)
2 Sub-Division Hospital Dharamgarh 9439980396 SDMO
3 Udit Narayan Pur T.B Hosp. 9437340653 Super-in-tendent
4 Community Health Centre Borda 9439980175 Medical Officer in-Charge
5 Community Health Centre Parla 9439980413 Medical Officer in-Charge
6 Community Health Centre Jaipatna 9439980134 Medical Officer in-Charge
7 Community Health Centre Chapuria 9439918548 Medical Officer in-Charge
8 Community Health Centre Junagarh 9439980260 Medical Officer in-Charge
9 Community Health Centre Chiliguda 7008037985 Medical Officer in-Charge
9 Community Health Centre Kalampur 9439980235 Medical Officer in-Charge
10 Community Health Centre Karlamunda 9439980458 Medical Officer in-Charge
11 Community Health Centre Pastigudi 9439980012 Medical Officer in-Charge
12 Community Health Centre Kesinga 9439980026 Medical Officer in-Charge
13 Community Health Centre Koksara 9439998268 Medical Officer in-Charge
14 Community Health Centre Biswanathpur 9439980321 Medical Officer in-Charge
15 Community Health Centre Lanjigarh 8984698472 Medical Officer in-Charge
16 Community Health Centre M. Rampur 9439980056 Medical Officer in-Charge
17 Community Health Centre Narla 9439980087 Medical Officer in-Charge
18 Community Health Centre Th. Rampur 9439980490 Medical Officer in-Charge