Kaiahandi Police District was formed in 1949 after independence. Shri K.C.Kanango, OPS was the first Superintendent of Police of this district and he held the post from 23.11.49 to 12.11.50.
Aim and Objectives : Maintenance of Law and Order & Control, Prevention and Detection of crime.Mission/ Vision:
To maintain Law & Order, maintain & promote Communal Harmony, Prevent & detect crime. To be people-oriented and remain committed to the service of all sections of the society, particularly the weak and indigent, women and children, senior citizens and juveniles, downtrodden and marginalized.To uphold the highest degree of personal integrity, foster a corruption-free police administration and instill transparency in functioning.To enhance our professional capabilities and, ingrain scientific temper and dovetail modern scientific methods of investigation to the existing processes with a view to ensure better service delivery. Welfare of all police men and their family members.